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7 Ways to stay active as we get older
July 22, 2023

How and why to stay active

Getting out and about is part of what makes life enjoyable. However, your loved one may need support to stay active and continue with activities they enjoy

Getting out and about and enjoying a range of activities has a huge range of benefits to both the body and mind.

However, older adults may not get out and about as much as they would like to. In fact, statistics show that only one in four people between the ages of 65 and 74 regularly exercise. This may be because they don’t have the support they need and they fear injuring themselves in some way if they exercise on their own.

But far from being detrimental to health, the opportunity to stay active and enjoy getting out and about is enormously beneficial to older adults.

At Mumby’s, we encourage our carers to get out and about with their clients and help them stay active in a safe and enjoyable way. This helps our clients experience all the benefits of physical activity with confidence.

One of the major benefits of a live-in carer is that you can relax in the knowledge that your loved one is getting out and about and enjoying life. You will know your loved one is getting safe, gentle exercise that will improve their physical health as well as their confidence and mood.

Here are seven reasons to exercise no matter your age

  1. Gentle exercise can increase lifespan by up to five years
  2. Exercise can reduce the risk of falls by increasing muscle strength and bone density and improving balance
  3. Exercise that increases the heart rate, such as brisk walking or chair exercises can reduce the risk of heart attack or stroke
  4. Staying active can reduce the risk of developing dementia
  5. Regular exercise can improve, prevent or delay diseases such as arthritis, heart disease and diabetes
  6. Staying active can improve confidence and self-esteem
  7. Enjoying physical activities can boost mood and reduce the risk of depression

There are many ways to stay active. Traditional exercises such as brisk walking or swimming are great. For the less mobile, there are also lots of exercise regimes that can be tailored to their needs such as chair-based exercises.

However, staying active doesn’t mean sticking to a traditional exercise plan. Anything that helps your loved one get moving will benefit their health.

Of course, to provide the right support you need the right carer. Our live-in carers are friendly and supportive as well as being highly trained. They will know just the right level of exercise appropriate for your loved one. They will also know exactly when to offer assistance or take a step back and allow them their independence.

Our carers will help your loved one to take part in activities they enjoy whether that is gardening, dancing, sport and games, walking, swimming or any other activity that takes their fancy.

Your loved one might not want a strict regimen of exercise. They will have their own interests and activities they enjoy. As part of our custom-made care plans based around each person’s individual needs, a Mumby’s live-in carer can ensure your loved one continues to enjoy these activities and stay happy and healthy.