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A Care Managers Work is Never Done
July 3, 2023

A Care Managers work is wide-ranging. They enjoy an important and busy role in which they fully support both our clients and carers every day.

A Care Managers Responsibilities

Our Care Managers are responsible for the assessment of new and the review of current clients’ needs. In addition, they evaluate their risks at home whilst understanding their families’ wishes too. They create and update a personalised care plan for each client which they use to deliver outstanding, professional, individual and timely care. The Care Managers administer all the required paperwork and contracts needed before placements start. Regular follow-up client meetings evaluate progress and encourage improved health outcomes.

A multi-disciplinary approach is often required. The Care Management team robustly communicate with many key care professionals to meet a client’s needs. They use technology such as PASS, Teams and video-conferencing to fully document, discuss and arrange each client’s care information with all required members of the team.

Passionate about providing high-quality, personal and well-matched care

Isy, Beatrice and Amy make up the Care Management team at Mumby’s. Each Care Manager oversees the care of their allocated clients and carers. They personally get to know their clients and carers to provide the best match for them both. In addition, they arrange all the help and assistance carers and clients need.

Our Care Managers are passionate about providing the highest quality care for elderly or vulnerable people in their own homes. They help them to stay safe and happy at home for as long as possible, whilst enhancing their wellbeing and lifestyle.

Looking after our Live-in Carers

Care Management support, manage and review the learning development needs and performance of our professional live-in carers. As a fully managed care service, a member of the team takes a turn to be on-call to provide 24/7 support to our carers and clients should the need arise.

Mumby’s are very proud to have an exceptionally high retention rate of care staff which is largely due to the way our Care Managers look after our caregiving staff. Often, it’s the small things that show that Mumby’s really cares. For example, the Care Managers arrange transport for the carers from one placement to another. They also check in on the carer to see they are ok. This also provides the opportunity to discuss any issues, developments or changes in care needs.

Scheduling is a large part of a Care Managers job. The team schedule four weeks ahead to allow all placement requirements to be arranged in good time and to cover a carer’s time off. Emergency care situations will always arise in care. Mumby’s Care Management team seamlessly make emergency arrangements in the knowledge that all planned care is all in place.

Amazing Care Managers who make a difference every day

As is the nature of working with people, every day brings joys and challenges. Our Care Managers have the satisfaction of knowing that they make a difference and help people to live the life they want with the support they need. They are an amazing team who keep their cool, have the ability to adapt quickly, show compassion, empathy and integrity as well as confidentially treating people with respect and dignity.

A Care Managers job is never done!