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A Guide to Choosing Gifts for Older Men
July 22, 2023

Choosing gifts for older men is quite a challenge. With Father’s Day coming up this month, we thought you might appreciate a few ideas.

Buying gifts for Dads can be tricky and finding the perfect gift for older men is often particularly hard. They usually have a home full of knick-knacks, tools and personal items accumulated over a lifetime. To add to this, they often insist that they don’t want anything!

But we want to show our love for the older men in our lives and make them feel special on Father’s Day.

Choosing practical gifts, or ones that involve a new experience or reliving an old memory can be great gifts that will make our much-loved Dads feel special and appreciated.

Here are 10 gift ideas to help you find the perfect present for the older men in your life on Father’s Day or any special occasion.

  1. Food and drink

Father’s Day is a good opportunity to splash out on an extra special food or drink item. If your relative loves the finer things in life, like a well-aged port or a special brand of luxury chocolates this is the perfect time to indulge them. A fantastic Cheltenahm based company Farrer and Tanner provide a wwonderful selection of luxury gift sets.

  1. Experiences

Rather than buying an item that will just clutter up your Dad’s home, consider spending the money on an experience instead. They may enjoy a fancy dinner or afternoon tea or just a traditional Sunday lunch at your house with all the trimmings and a bottle of fizz.

For more adventurous older men, consider a boat trip, visit to a local landmark or a museum featuring an exhibition aligned to their interests. They may also enjoy a special film screening or a trip to the theatre. We have found The National Trust a great resource for day trip ideas.

  1. Practical items

While buying socks and toiletries can seem like a bit of a naff gift, these items are often very much appreciated. If your Dad loves to look and smell nice then a pair of luxury cashmere socks or a bottle of aftershave will be well received. Alternatively, you could take him shopping to choose something for himself. John Smedley do have a woprld class range of cashmere good for men. Established in 1746, they are renowned for their quality.

For more independent parents, a gift card accompanied by a small token present strikes a good balance between thoughtful and practical.

  1. Something for the garden

Coming in flaming June (we hope) a garden gift often goes down well. Plants and flowers are often seen as a good present for women, but many men appreciate a pretty flower bed, too. A nice pot of cheery summer annuals will brighten up the patio and give months of pleasure. Local garden centres are always the best for this. Try Frosts at  Millets Farm Centre in Frilford if you are local to Oxford.

  1. Books and games

If your dad loves to keep busy and learn new things, then consider a book or game. If he has an Amazon account, try to get a look at his wish list or shopping basket to find the titles he really wants. Puzzle books are a great gift idea and you can buy some nice ones with leather covers for a stylish way to while away an afternoon.

For the more tech-savvy Dad, a handheld games console might spark their interest. Puzzles and games offer great ways to keep Dad’s brain healthy, too.

  1. Memory gifts

Many of our older relatives love a wander down memory lane. You might like to make up a new photo album filled with escapades from the recent and distant past. A digital photo frame is another wonderful gift for Dad. You can upload dozens of photos to the memory card in the frame and they will be displayed in a slideshow. We have a digital photo frame from Nix photo shop which is a great way to display memories.

  1.  Smart watch

Another great gift for technologically minded older men is a smart watch. Smart watches keep them connected and also monitor their health. Smart watches can monitor steps or be loaded with a food diary app and can also remind Dad to take his medication.

The latest smart watches track heart health very well which will be reassuring for both Dad and you.

We hope these gift ideas have sparked some ideas to help you find the perfect gift for your Dad. Have a wonderful Father’s Day!

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