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Advantages to Becoming a Live-in Care Worker
July 10, 2023

There are many benefits to choosing a career as a live-in care worker. Being a live-in carer is a varied and enjoyable job that allows you to build a great relationship with your client. It also offers you an opportunity to study and advance your career.

More and more families are choosing to employ a live-in carer as it allows people who need care to stay in the familiar surroundings of their own home. This increased need means there are plenty of job opportunities if you choose this career.

Here are some more advantages to becoming a live-in care worker.

A varied and interesting job

In a standard care job, things can often be quite routine. You will be responsible for activities such as toileting, washing and dressing and helping at mealtimes. You may also be involved in fun activities, but the routine can get a little dull. As a live-in carer, your days will undoubtedly be more varied and interesting. You may well be shopping, cooking, making visits, sharing activities and outings and even looking after a pet. No two days are likely to be the same and this makes for a more interesting lifestyle.

Time to do your job to a high standard

Standard care jobs often have extremely tight time limitations which cause pressure and stress for you and your clients. It can often feel like you just don’t have time to do your job with the care and attention you would like. As a live-in care worker, there will be less time pressure. You can do your job to a high standard and enjoy the satisfaction that comes from properly looking after the person in your care.

You get to build a relationship with your client

In a standard care job, you may be rushing from client to client and never have time to stop for a chat and to really get to know them. As a live-in carer, you will have the opportunity to develop a fulfilling relationship with your client. This makes the job more satisfying as you are better able to meet their needs and preferences. In addition, you will gain a new perspective on the world and learn from your client’s unique life experiences. You can enjoy a long chat over a meal or cup of tea and really get to know the person in your care. Often clients and care workers become firm friends. In addition, you will get to know your client’s family and friends, too.

Feeling like you are making a difference

Many carers go into the caring profession because they want to make a difference in people’s lives. Often, they get disillusioned when they are unable to achieve this due to time pressures. As a live-in care worker, it will be clear that you are making a real difference to someone and really improving their quality of life. You will become a trusted ally who allows another person to feel safe, happy and cared for.

Good Financial Prospects

As we have mentioned before, there is increasing demand for good live-in care workers. This makes being a live-in carer a career that offers good job security. In addition, the financial rewards are higher than in many other care jobs and expenses can be lower. All in all, this means you can do a job you love without risking insecurity and hardship yourself. In addition, if you choose, you can continue to improve your qualifications thus improving your career prospects for the future.

Becoming a live-in care worker can be an amazing experience and job opportunity that allows you to make a difference, achieve great job satisfaction and be financially rewarded for your hard work.

Becoming a Live-in Care Worker at Mumby’s

At Mumby’s, we believe in taking care of our carers so that they are better able to look after their clients.

Our Live-in Care Worker Vacancies Offer:

  • Excellent rates of pay
  • Flexibility to meet your lifestyle choices
  • Full training and support. No experience is needed.
  • 24/7 emergency support so you will never feel you are on your own
  • Free board and lodgings when at work
  • Paid holiday
  • Paid travel expenses to client placement and food allowance

We offer an unrivalled level of support for carers. Follow this link to see our vacancies and get in touch with us.

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