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The benefits of live-in care for elderly parents
February 8, 2024

February is the month of love. So, we turn our thoughts to the importance of love in our elderly parent’s lives and how live-in care can support couples to stay together in their own home.

As parents age, their safety and welfare can become worrying, especially with many family members living far away from each other. Often one partner is healthier and takes on the role of caregiver for the other whilst also taking responsibility for the daily chores. However, as partners grow older, care needs can increase and diverge, resulting in more challenges and additional help being needed.

At this point, families have frequently turned to care homes to look after their ageing parents. However, this often results in couples being separated causing emotional distress, including loneliness and depression. Live-in care is an increasingly popular care option for couples that can negate the need to move into a care home. It enables elderly parents to remain living together at home, despite their changing care needs.

In this article, we delve into what is live-in care, when to consider this type of care for your elderly parents, and the benefits of live-in care for couples.

What is live-in care for elderly parents?

Elderly couple supporting one anotherLive-in care for couples brings a dedicated carer to live in and provide round-the-clock tailored and cost-effective support to elderly couples. Both partners can receive personalised help around their home, personal care, and medical assistance as well as emotional support when required from a carer they know and trust.

This type of care for elderly parents allows them to remain living in their own homes while one partner or both in the couple receive the care they require. Both partners can stay in their familiar surroundings and continue to enjoy their daily lives together, chosen lifestyles, and existing routines.

When to consider live-in care for elderly parents

Live-in care could be right for your elderly parents if:

  • One partner or family member is the primary caregiver and cannot cope any longer  
  • Domiciliary or visiting care is not enough to provide the level of care now required
  • One or both partners have complex needs due to an illness
  • They need dementia care. Remaining at home is much less unsettling for someone with dementia and the carer can support their partner in living with a dementia sufferer
  • They wish to stay together living in the comfort of their own home with shared memories rather than the upheaval of moving into a care home
  • Continuing their routines, hobbies, and interests are important
  • Your family is looking for a cost-effective alternative to a care home
  • Your family prefers one dedicated carer to support them
  • You’re worried about them falling. Research suggests that elderly people are 3x more likely to have a hip fracture in residential care compared to receiving live-in care.

3 benefits of live-in care for couples

The emotional, practical, and financial benefits of live-in care are multiplied when providing care for a couple. The specific benefits of live-in care for couples include:

1.      Keeping elderly couples together

Elderly couple hugging each otherWe know partners hope to stay living together in later life. Couples who live together support each other’s emotional, physical, and cognitive health. They rely on each other for care and companionship. So, keeping them together is so important.

Live-in care makes it possible for couples to stay living together even if they have different care needs. You may wonder can couples stay together in a nursing home? Unfortunately, few senior care homes offer shared rooms for married couples. The reality is that elderly couples in care homes may end up in separate homes, rooms, or beds because of different care needs or there not being double rooms for couples. This means less time together which can lead to distress and loneliness.

2.      Care built on the needs of the couple

elderly couple laughingLive-in care is tailored to the needs and preferences of the couple. A dedicated live-in carer is available to assist both partners as much or as little as they want. They support a couple’s daily lifestyle, routines, and specific ways they do things. This level of customisation is often unmatched in institutional care homes.

With care needs and chores met your elderly parents can enjoy time together.

3.      A cost-effective care solution

Live-in care is particularly cost-effective for couples. Residential care can cost up to twice as much. This is because you pay individually for each partner’s care. Conversely, with live-in care a bespoke and cost-effective care plan is created that incorporates both partner’s needs.

Mumby’s Live-in Care for Couples

At Mumby’s, we are a family-run care company that prides itself on family values. We provide award-winning and CQC-rated outstanding care. Our teams are passionate about assisting couples in their homes so they can continue living together in familiar surroundings regardless of the conditions that affect them.

That’s why we design a personalised care plan based on the required care for both elderly parents. Whether it’s to support more serious medical conditions or to provide help around the home and prevent caregiver burnout, our carers offer empathetic and respectful care.

Case Study – Mumby’s caring for elderly parents with different needs 

Mr and Mrs C met when they were 18 years old. They have a daughter and have lived in their home for 40 years.

Mumby’s started caring for this couple in their late 80’s. Mr and Mrs C realised they needed the same level of care that they had arranged after Mr C’s hospital stay on an ongoing basis. At that point they had three domiciliary care calls a day and a night carer. They were keen to find a solution that met both partners’ different needs while making the most of their resources.

Mr C had dementia, a catheter, and poor mobility so needed support with all aspects of his care. Mrs C had a severe visual impairment and poor mobility but was very independent with personal care, dressing, and medication. She liked to help make the weekly shopping list and meal plan. When the shopping was delivered, Mrs C helped put it away. She would feel every item to remember what was ordered and the carer would describe the item. Both Mr and Mrs C have a good sense of humour and enjoy companionship and social interaction. Mumby’s looked after them at home for over 2.5 years.

“My elderly parents have been very well cared for by Mumby’s for the past 2 and a half years. Mumby’s is a professional yet compassionate care agency with a knowledgeable, kind and very patient management team. My parents have quite complicated needs, yet the care managers always try hard to provide them with the best possible care, despite the limited resources available to us. They are always available to speak to on the telephone and always listen to any concerns. The carers themselves have all been kind, considerate, professional and extremely hard-working and have treated my parents as if they were members of their own family. I would thoroughly recommend Mumby’s to anyone looking for live-in care for a family member.” Jacquie E - Daughter of Mr & Mrs C


How to arrange Mumby’s live-in care for elderly parents

Firstly, contact one of our friendly and knowledgeable office team on 01865 391187 or complete our online form.

We can then arrange a visit to your parent’s home for a free no-obligation care assessment and a chance to ask any questions.

We’ll then design a personalised care plan based on your elderly parent’s medical and social needs.