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Carer Story Francoise
March 13, 2021

Francoise is a professional carer who has worked with Mumby’s for 10 years. She has been caring on a voluntary and paid-for basis throughout her life for elderly or vulnerable adults and friends, her husband’s children, orphans and cats.

With a love for learning and a positive attitude to life, Francoise brings cheeriness, good humour and valuable skills and knowledge to her caring role. She is an intelligent, loving and caring French lady who loves to talk and can do so in five languages!

Being French, Francoise has a passion for cooking and has even run and prepared meals for clients of her own restaurant in Greece. There is nothing more satisfying for Francoise than using home-grown produce in her culinary delights and decorating the house with flowers from the garden. Francoise is also a cultured lady who loves museums, historic buildings and art and in between placements she may renovate properties.

Whilst an antique china restorer in London, Francoise first started caring for a sick lady friend. She enjoyed offering support to run the house, the flexibility it provided to travel every two to three months, the opportunity to cook French food for her client and her charity dinners, as well as providing the needed funds to support her studies.

Francoise has lived a full, well-travelled and wide-ranging life. From teaching orphans in Guatemala, being a guide in the Andes, setting up a peanut butter factory in Belize, massage therapy in Mexico, a restaurant owner in Greece and a carer in England, Francoise’s path has definitely been interesting and varied.

Why does Francoise enjoy being a live-in carer?

“Nothing makes me happier in life than making others happy.”

Francoise enjoys the challenges caring brings and making a difference in people’s lives.

She particularly enjoys the connection and personal relationships that are formed between her and her clients. Finding out what interests her clients and what makes them happy is very important. Often, they just need someone to talk to. She will remain optimistic with them and bring hope and fun to their lives. For a dementia client who suffered from depression, she would find jokes to bring a smile.

Francoise also appreciates being in a role that incorporates her love of cooking and having no commute to work!

She often chooses to take a break in between her placements, to pause and re-energise, as caring is not an easy job. Live-in care allows her to take breaks for as long as she requires which is another great advantage.

The key to being a good carer

There are obviously a number of key skills required to be a carer. Francoise believes that the key to being a good carer is putting your heart into your job, making life as pleasant and lovely as possible for the client so that they know you really care and value them, and always having a smile on your face and being happy, even in difficult situations.

“It is also important to respect a client’s vulnerability and be discreet.”

Francoise adopts an adaptable approach to care. She offers her clients a choice, giving them a menu to choose the food they would like her to cook for them, or offering to cook a night or two if the client prefers to continue preparing their own meals but may enjoy having an occasional delicious meal cooked for them.

A long term carer with Mumby’s

Francoise started working for Mumby’s in 2011. Many agencies were worried that she might not stay with them but Mumby’s gave her the opportunity after gaining glowing references.  Being a family-run business, Francoise feels that the team are always there for her to listen and offer an honest and straightforward viewpoint. She feels appreciated, valued and important.

During the lockdown, the office team have shown their understanding of the difficulties a caring role brings by regularly calling the carers and checking if they are ok.

“It has been great to talk to an outsider from the house who shows genuine interest and support.”

Francoise is also appreciative of the careful matching of Mumby’s of her personality with that of her clients. She has enjoyed interesting placements that have all been very different.

In her first placement, Francoise lived in a beautiful manor house with her client who also shared her love of art and historic places. It was a match made in heaven! More recently, she particularly enjoyed a placement where the family were so lovely, showed her such gratitude and even asked for her recipes!

When Francoise is ready to retire, she plans to write a book about her crazy and full life. We’ll very much look forward to reading it.