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Caring for Elderly Parents
July 22, 2023

It’s often inevitable that children end up caring for elderly parents. With the vast numbers of Dementia, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s cases every year, this problem will only increase. The burden of caring for elderly parents should not be shouldered entirely by the children or family members.

Our experience

Much of the time we are approached for live in care is at a crisis point where caring for a parent has become too much. The stress of balancing a job, family and then the care of a parent often leads to the crisis point. It is so important to maintain the relationship you once had with your mother or father and not have it tarnished with worry of leaving your parent at home alone. Mumby’s and other live in care agencies want to take some of the burden of this care. Our live in care services aim to provide the peace of mind that helps your Mum or Dad remain independant at home.

Look after yourself

It is so common to let caring for elderly parents become all consuming. The burden of worry can rapidly take over your life. Making sure that you are fit and healthy is often pushed to the back of your mind…….This needn’t be the case.

Taking a break may seem like even more of a worry, but we can not emphasize the importance of putting yourself first. Live in care can be tailored to suit you and your parents lifestyles. So if you go away or just want to reduce the level of responsibility, our live in carers are trained to do just that.

Plan ahead

Don’t let caring for an elderly parent get to the crisis point. Plan for live in care or even just domiciliary care to take on some of the responsibility. Start first by talking to a parent about care options. Research some local live in care agencies who could help. Often just talking about care options helps.

Most care agencies including Mumby’s would come and carry out a live in care assessment. This does not tie you into anything. It just means that when it comes to a parent requiring care, we could get started quicker.

Rest assured

As a managed service Mumby’s fully train and manage our staff. This hopefully provides you with the peace of mind that the care for you parent is at the highest possible standard. We are regulated by CQC where you can find our report. Whether you want a long break, short break or to share the burden of responsibility, we are here for you.

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