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Choosing the best live in care agency
July 4, 2023

How to choose the best live in care agency

Live-in care is an increasingly popular alternative to a residential home for many people. A live in care agency will provide a fully trained and insured carer to provide care in the comfort and familiarity of your loved one’s home. Live in carers can provide round the clock care for a wide range of circumstances.

Live-in care allows your loved one to remain in their home and continue to live life as they choose. A live-in carer can be cheaper than a care home and offers more tailored support and flexibility.

If you have decided that live in care is the right choice for your loved one, our guide will help you choose the best live in care agency for your needs.

Why choose a live-in care agency?

There are several ways of providing live in care for your loved one. You may hire private carers, use an introduction agency or choose a live in care provider.

You can hire private carers to look after your loved one. However, this can be quite complex as you become the employer of the carers with all the responsibilities this entails.

If you choose to use the services of an introductory agency, the agency works as a recruiter. They will introduce a care worker to your loved one but then have no further involvement. The agency will have a database of caregivers, who are trained and checked according to DBS guidelines.

fully managed live in care provider will provide a suitable carer and continue to be involved as long as your loved one requires care. The live in care agency will find appropriately qualified carers who match the values and interests of your loved one. The advantage of this option is that ongoing support is always available. You will be allocated a care manager who will monitor your loved one’s care. They will be available to solve any problems that arise and will make sure your loved one is always receiving care appropriate to their needs. In addition, care can easily be adapted to changing needs.

How do I choose the best live in care agency?

The live in care agency you choose will depend on several factors, including your loved one’s needs and what they want from the live in carer and care provider. Here are some questions that you should consider when choosing a care agency.

Can the agency provide the care your loved one needs?

When you choose a live in care agency it is important to find one that has the capability to care for your loved one. For example, if your loved one is living with dementia or Parkinson’s you will need to choose a care agency that specialises in providing care for these conditions. The level of care provided by agencies differs: some provide simple support with eating and personal hygiene, while others support people with complex needs including home nursing.

It is a good idea to choose a care agency that can adapt to any changes in your loved one’s needs and who will monitor their care to ensure that they always receive appropriate levels of support.

Do they provide high-quality care?

You, of course, want to be sure that the care provided by your chosen live in care agency is of the highest quality. One way to be assured of this is to check the company’s care Quality Commission Rating and report. You can also read customer testimonials to see what others think of the service provided.

How does the care agency assess your loved one?

The care agency you choose should be happy to answer any questions you have. They should also provide you with documents that prove their certification, insurance etc. After a written care assessment, they should have an in-depth conversation with you and your loved one to ascertain the level of care required. If they are helpful and responsive to all your questions and concerns this is a good sign. You are making a very important decision so the staff should do all they can to help and reassure you. Once the assessment is complete, your care agency should provide you with clear information regarding the cost of care and any other fees applicable.

How does the care agency choose suitable carers?

Quality live in care starts with a great relationship between the cared for and the carer. A good agency will ensure your loved one is matched with a carer that shares their interests and values. The best care agencies will send you profiles of suitable carers so that you and your loved one can choose the best fit.

Can they respond to changing care needs?

Your loved one’s needs may change over time. For this reason, it is a good idea to choose a care provider who can adapt to these changing needs. The best care providers will allocate you with a care manager who will monitor your loved one’s care. This person should be happy to talk to you about any concerns you have. They will be in contact regularly to reassure you that all is well. They will also talk to you about any changes in your loved one’s needs that may require an adjustment of care. The best care agencies want you to be a part of your loved one’s care: after all, you are often an expert on your loved one’s needs, wishes and personality. The best care can be provided only when families, the cared for, and care agencies work together.

Remember that if you are not entirely happy with the care your loved one is receiving you should speak to the care agency immediately. If they are not quick to respond to your concerns, you might want to look for a different provider for your loved one’s care.

About Mumby’s Care Agency

Mumby’s is a specialist live-in care agency that offers CQC rated outstanding care. We offer both introductory and a fully managed live-in care service to suit your needs and budget. We care for adults with a range of conditions including dementiaParkinson’s and MS as well as the elderly and those who would like companion care.

Mumby’s offer a free no-obligation assessment of your loved ones care needs. We provide clear information on the cost of care and support on funding that may be applicable.

All of our professional carers are carefully matched based on the carers experience as well as their interested and values. We give potential clients carer profiles so they can find out more about their carer and to help them choose the best carer for their loved one.

Our fully managed live-in care provision means the carers are fully employed, checked and professionally trained by us and our office team are highly responsive for ease and reliability.

We have care managers who keep abreast of their designated carers and clients. They will visit and discuss any changes in needs, offer support and listen to any concerns.

Contact us now to discuss your loved ones care needs and to arrange a no-obligation assessment.