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Christmas activities for elderly loved ones
December 1, 2022

As Christmas approaches, elderly people might rely on their friends, family, and carers to keep them engaged in fun activities.

Why Christmas activities for the elderly are important

Christmas activities for the elderly can help your loved ones feel less isolated and more involved in the festive cheer.

This article features a few great suggestions for Christmas activities that are appropriate for elderly adults. Some seniors may face difficulty with mobility, cognitive health, and other issues, which prevent them from doing activities without some level of assistance. These people can benefit from professional live-in care.

There are plenty of wonderful Christmas activities for the elderly that family members and caregivers can engage in with their senior loved ones.

Plan a lunch party

You can check out your local area for lunches and Christmas parties for the elderly or plan your own. Maybe you can treat your loved one to Christmas dishes such as turkey with all the trimmings. You can play Christmas music and think about some games your elderly loved one would like to play – we recommend dominoes!

Play Christmas bingo

Host a Christmas gift bingo party. You can wrap up small inexpensive gifts that can be given as prizes. Bingo is a popular activity among the elderly and can help them to feel sociable and included in Christmas activities. Making sure each gift is wrapped gives people a chance to open their prizes and helps put them in the Christmas spirit.

Take a drive around to see Christmas decorations

Many neighbourhoods, towns, and villages are lit up at this time of year with sparkling lights and outdoor decorations. There’s nothing more festive than viewing lights twinkling on trees and beautifully decorated houses. This is a great activity if your loved one has issues with mobility and can’t walk.

Make Christmas decorations

Activities can include drawing, painting, and making Christmas cards or creating special decorations such as clove and orange pomanders so they can also enjoy the smell of Christmas. Often, creative activities can stimulate the brain and reduce boredom. Plus, it’s great to encourage your loved one to participate in activities that help them feel inspired and imaginative.

Have a meaningful conversation

This one might feel a little obvious. But, how often do we truly have meaningful conversations with our loved ones? Elderly people love to speak about their younger years and reminisce about certain events in their lives – try to give them the chance to do so. We have listed a few conversation starters:

  • What was your all-time favourite toy?
  • What’s your favourite Christmas memory or tradition?
  • Who was your best friend when you were little?

Take your loved one Christmas shopping

It’s important for elderly people to keep active and get out and about. A simple and easy way to persuade people to get out of the house is to take them shopping.

Try to go earlier in the day to avoid the worst of the Christmas rush, and try not to take them out over weekends for the same reason. Ask if there’s anything they’d like to buy for Christmas. Many towns will have a Christmas fair or event taking place at some point during the season so be sure to check out your local area, too.

Bake Christmas treats

Many older people enjoy baking as a pastime but not everyone can always manage it after a certain age. Many may struggle with mixing in the batter, while others may have lost dexterity in their fingers and can’t crack eggs as well.

Get everyone in the kitchen to help with some Christmas baking, whether it’s some festive gingerbread or a traditional Christmas fruit cake. Nothing brings people together like making enjoyable food, and Christmas is the perfect opportunity to do so.

Sing Christmas songs and carols

Singing or listening to Christmas songs together is sure to bring Christmas cheer to your loved one. Pick out some of your loved one’s favourites and make a playlist. If your loved one is up to it, you may even consider Christmas carol singing together to spread Christmas cheer. Listening to Christmas songs may be especially helpful for seniors with dementia. Though elderly people with dementia may have a difficult time with memory, studies have found music can help with cognition and have a calming effect on seniors who are agitated.

Watch Christmas movies together

Christmas classics, such as It’s a Wonderful Life and Miracle on 34th Street, have stood the test of time for a good reason—they can take people away from their own problems for a while and help them see the good in the world. Make some popcorn (or tie this Christmas activity together with baking) and watch a Christmas movie.

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