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Companionship: A Piece of Cake!
July 22, 2023

Those in the health and social care profession, either working as a live-in or domiciliary carer, may have one of the most underrated jobs. When most of us think of a carer, we think of a person who has to go into somebody else’s home to help administrate medication, provide personal care and perhaps make a cup of tea.

Unless we are the one’s receiving the care personally, we tend to disregard the fact that there is an opportunity for rapport between a carer and their client. It is easy to forget that the carer is doing so much more than helping a vulnerable person keep on top of their medication or help them get dressed; in fact they are helping an individual to maintain their independence; and do so with the upmost respect for their dignity and history as a person.

Behind the scenes

Cake made by a carer

To demonstrate what goes on “behind the scenes”, we here at Mumby’s felt as though we should celebrate our carers and what they do to go above and beyond, to make the care they provide more personal. We are extremely proud of the efforts our carers go to so that their clients still feel purpose and companionship. We would like to show off how lucky we are to have the team we do and how a small gesture of kindness and thoughtfulness can have a huge impact on a person’s life.

One of our delightful carers, Maria-Rita, made this fantastic cake for her client’s birthday in 2017. The time and effort Maria-Rita had taken to make her client feel extra special on their day truly meant a lot.

Well done Maria-Rita, let’s hope we do not end up losing you to the Great British Bake Off!

Birthday cake for a client

Another carer of our strong team, Ana-Maria made this masterpiece for her client to celebrate Christmas. This certainly put all of us in high spirits and made us hungry too.

We hope you and your client enjoyed the cake Ana-Maria, it looks delicious. Well done and thank you for being such a fantastic carer with Mumby’s.