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Conducting Well-Being Dementia in the Family
July 10, 2023

Trevor Mumby’s book on coping with Dementia in the family. Conducting Well-Being With Dementia In The Family

What is Dementia?

Dementia refers to a person’s inability to store facts from what they are experiencing around them. Some of the well-known diseases that produce it, include Alzheimer’s, Pick’s, Multi-infarct Dementia, Huntingdon’s, Creutzfeldt-Jakob and Parkinson’s. ‘A unique and great read for those having daily to confront dementia in the family. It is a positive and uplifting approach. A must buy for all with this dilemma’ Sir Professor Cary L Cooper CBE.

The Effects of Dementia in the Family

Experiencing the changes in a loved one who has Alzheimer’s Disease or a related dementia is extremely difficult. Real challenges come as a dementia sufferer starts to lose their memory, followed by their speech and faculties. In many cases, family members find themselves in a strange type of bereavement, coping with the loss of the personality of their relative, while still physically caring for them.

In his short and easy-to-read book, “Conducting Well-Being With Dementia In The Family” Trevor Mumby sets out coping strategies to help families and other carers understand and deal with ‘Dementia World’ Dementia World is very different to our common sense one but the two CAN live together and Trevor explains how. Once you have understood the differences, coping becomes easier and you will approach this new world with calmness and confidence.

‘This book is a timely and essential reading for caregivers of people with dementia, as a way of understanding that the medical approach is not the only solution’ Professor Philip Poi Jun Hua

The Mumby’s Solution

We know that dementia is a real challenge which will not go away and support for people with dementia requires that extra level of skill which helps to prevent excessive stress. We believe that every day and every visit does not need to cause upset for those whose loved one has dementia. We can provide you with specialised care for your family loved one. Our staff members continuously undertake ‘dementia sense’ coaching classes at our training centre via small groups. We use practical workbooks which have been designed specifically to provide the interpersonal skills and insights required to work with and understand the challenges of dementia.

Our staff are fully trained and dedicated to helping each person achieve and maintain the highest level of independence and involvement within the home by focusing on current abilities, interests and the family’s needs. They are experienced caregivers and well-trained in the special needs related to dementia, including behavioural and communication problems. Daily activities vary according to the person’s unique interests and to ensure the best possible care, detailed assessment and a care plan is completed in partnership with the family. Staff and family are encouraged to identify those areas which ‘fit’ in the life experiences of the loved one. They will often include favourites, like, games, reading topics, cooking, gardening, painting, crosswords, music, puzzles, singing, reminiscing, dancing etc.

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About the Author

Trevor Mumby is a director of Mumbys and is a recognised psychoanalyst, a Senior Associate Member of The Royal Society of Medicine, Associate Member of the American Group Psychotherapy Association and also a Member of the British Association of Social Workers. He is also the author of Conducting Well-Being With Dementia In The Family and helps maintain and improve Mumby’s high standards of dementia care expertise.