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Information on providing the safest care during Covid 19
November 10, 2020

Keep your loved ones safe with Mumby’s Homecare Support

Mumby’s understands the worry families are facing about caring for their loved ones during the ongoing pandemic. We know you want the certainty that your loved one will be well looked after. You need to find the safest care during Covid 19.

Our professional, caring and skilled team are reassuringly doing their utmost to keep our clients safe. We are pleased that we have zero cases of Covid 19 amongst our clients and carers.

Live-in care is a safe choice during Covid 19 and we explain why. We also outline the measures Mumby’s have introduced during the pandemic to keep safe your loved one and our carers.

A message from Ann Mumby

Managing Director and Founder

“As a family-run business, providing outstanding care is a core value that runs throughout our teams. We care passionately for our elderly clients and those with complex conditions. Not only do we care about the practical difficulties that the pandemic has brought for the elderly and vulnerable and their families, but we also care about the emotional worries and implications of this formidable situation. We care dearly about our caring team who work tirelessly to sensitively support our clients and their families, however needed.”

“Reassuringly, we have had zero cases of Covid-19 amongst our clients and carers. We bring a wealth of nursing and professional home care experience and embrace the government guidance. Our carers are doing a fabulous job of safely taking care of our clients in their homes. Mumby’s provides quality care and applies safety measures to keep everyone as protected as possible during the coronavirus pandemic.”

Why live-in care is the safest care during Covid 19

Live-in care is the safest form of care during the pandemic.

  • Each client has support from one constant carer in their own home

Our carers proactively monitor the health and wellbeing of your loved one and effectively respond as necessary. This is not achievable in a care home. Client’s families can be reassured their loved one is receiving the very best safe care during the pandemic.

  • Effective infection management

Care in your loved one’s home has significantly less risk of infection than care homes. Carers will come into contact with significantly fewer people. They also follow the recommended infection control guidance given by the government.

  • Constant one-to-one companionship and assistance to socialise online

Our carers provide social and emotional support for your loved one. They help them to stay connected with friends and family using video conferencing and other online platforms.

  • Carers take care of essential chores

This protects your loved one from exposure to potential infection. The carer will collect medication, groceries and other immediate needs.

  • Carers can offer encouragement to your loved one

Motivation can be needed sometimes with daily routines. Our carers can prompt and inspire your loved one to exercise and participate in stimulating activities, to eat nourishing, home-cooked meals of their preference, or to take their medications.

  • Staying in the comfort, familiarity and routine of home

Continuing to live in familiar surroundings can support wellbeing and mental health especially with heightened anxiety levels during Covid 19. If your loved one has a pet, they will bring pleasure whilst spending more time at home. Being able to carry on with daily life and routines can also bring stability and reassurance.

  • High-quality specialist, complex care

Clients living with a complex condition such as dementia, Parkinson’s or Multiple Sclerosis are supported with routines essential to promote their overall health and wellbeing.

Measures Mumby’s has introduced to provide the safest care during Covid 19

As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, we introduced additional measures to protect our clients and our staff. These include:

  • Following government and NHS Covid 19 guidance – we control and manage risks to keep our clients and staff as safe as possible.
  • Individual Covid 19 risk assessments – we perform a detailed risk assessment for both the client and the carer before the carer joins your loved one in their home.
  • Carer guidance and protocols to manage Covid 19 – our carers have advice on how to manage Covid 19 risks in the home. They also have safety protocols if there is a diagnosis in the home. We regularly communicate with our carers to offer support and updates on new information and best practice and promote the wellbeing of our caring community.
  • Private Covid 19 testing with results in 48 hours – for clients and carers if either suspect they have Covid 19. The carer will isolate whilst awaiting the results to protect your loved one and a new carer will step in. Clients will remain in the comfort of their own homes.
  • Secure isolation property owned by Mumby’s – we have accommodation for our carers between placements to ensure their and their next client’s safety.
  • PPE available for all staff – throughout the pandemic we have had an adequate supply, and continue to maintain sufficient stocks, of PPE equipment for our staff, including masks, gloves and aprons, should they need it. Our carers are not required to wear PPE to deliver care to our clients in their own homes due to reduced risk. This allows us to provide a more personal approach without cumbersome and potentially frightening PPE.
  • Use of track and trace for all staff 14 days before any placement – to protect and keep safe our carers and clients.