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Dementia Care Oxfordshire
July 10, 2023

Dementia is notorious for its responsibility to make a person’s mood change without any notice whatsoever. It can bring sadness, but it also provides the rare moment where you cannot help but laugh. Through our Dementia Care services in Oxfordshire we believe we shouldn’t be fearful of dementia. Family members of those we care for shouldn’t feel that they will never have a relationship with loved ones again. We simply need to change our attitude towards the condition. Don’t let dementia win.

Keep on smiling!

Mumby’s live in care services aim to make a negative moment become positive. There are small gestures we can do which will make a challenging moment much easier to overcome. Dementia sufferers can easily pick up on facial expressions or changes in mood. If they do not like an expression on our face, then we will know about it. Our live in carers are specifically trained to reduce anxiety.

Have a little sing song!

Communication is paramount in all aspects of life. It certainly does not stop with Dementia; even though the routes of communication seem more treacherous. Engage in short, one minute conversations, sit together on the sofa or play some music and discuss the songs. Make it enjoyable for yourself, as well as them.

Jig the memory bank!

Make a memory box to lift the mood when the time requires it. Pull out the old family albums and sentimental items which may help trigger a good memory, and therefore encourage a good mood. Help them to recognise a picture or complete a jigsaw puzzle together. If you can, have your own jigsaw puzzle created which is of a fond memory.

Dust off the cobwebs!

The need to be independent is not something a person will give up easily, regardless of their health and abilities. It is best not to treat Dementia sufferers as though they have given up the right to be independent. Make household chores an opportunity for interaction with their own life and independence. Hand them a broom or a duster and ask if they would like to do some light cleaning It’s so important to make our loved ones with dementia feel more valued as a person.

Local community help

There are many social events held in local communities to help those suffering with dementia as well as their families. In Witney, Oxfordshire, social events are held weekly that provide information and activities. This is the perfect opportunity to interact with others and help to forget about the challenges they are up against, even for a short moment.

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Dementia Care Oxfordshire

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