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Warm-hearted care looks after your parent in the comfort of their own home.

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Outstanding Elderly
Live-in Care

We understand how difficult it is to see your parents getting older and frailer. Everyday activities become more difficult. Eventually, care is needed to keep them safe and help with their daily lives. Mumby’s elderly live-in care offers a reliable, expert and friendly solution to your ageing parents’ care needs in the familiarity of their home.

Caring For The Elderly

Initially, it is often the sons and daughters who take on a caring role to look after their parents, but as time goes on the commitment and amount of care your parent needs increases. At this point, a more permanent and manageable arrangement is required for all of the family.

With suitable elderly care in place, you regain quality time with your Mum, Dad or both parents. In addition, you have the reassurance that a carefully selected live-in carer is always there to support and help your parent whilst they continue to independently in their own home. Elderly care is an emotional and practical decision. Mumby’s team are here to discuss your family’s choices and offer expert support so that you can make the best decision for all of you.

Elderly Live-In Care Or A Residential Care Home?

For many years, the default option for long-term, round-the-clock care has been residential or nursing home care. However, recent research suggests this model is broken and that live-in care offers the safer, healthier and happier choice for your loved one.

Care homes are generally geared to support the elderly who have greater support needs. Carers and nurses work a rota. Residents have their own bedrooms and bathrooms and share communal areas with other residents. Meals, housekeeping and personal care are provided. A care home provides a secure and monitored environment and supervision of healthcare needs. Often, care home costs are often funded by the sale of the much-loved family home.

Live-in care is an alternative elderly care option that addresses the desire of many elderly people to stay in their own homes. A recent survey found that 97% of people want to stay in their homes when they get older and do not want to move into institutional care.

Live-in carers are medically trained and able to offer one-to-one support around the clock. They fit their schedule around your loved one’s needs to promote independence. A live-in carer provides companionship, daily routine support, helps prepare meals and keep the house tidy, and allows couples to stay together. In addition, your loved one receives care in the familiarity and comfort of their home, so there is no upheaval and no need to move home.

Give Live-In Care A Try
Without Long Term Commitment

Benefits of Elderly Live-In Care

A friendly, constant and trustworthy face for round the clock care and peace of mind.

Flexible and personalised care plan with specialised care options.

Someone who can really get to know and care for your loved one. Often our carers become good friends with our clients.

Carefully matched carer to share hobbies and interests. A live-in carer can encourage, join in with and stimulate activities including gardening, cooking, crafts, music, playing games and solving crosswords.

Preserves family life and pet ownership and supports relationships and pastimes in your local community

Boosts happiness and wellbeing.

In the familiarity and comfort of your loved one’s home whilst providing extra security.

Reassurance and support for the family.

Retain independence, dignity and choice in the safe and familiar environment of home.

An escort to social events and appointments.

Help with daily tasks, such as cleaning and housework, running errands or walking the dog.

Respite Care For Family Carers Who Provide Elderly Care

We understand that caring for an elderly relative can be challenging and exhausting and you need some time to look after yourself.

We offer short-term, round the clock elderly respite live-in care to allow the primary carer to have some much-needed rest and time to themselves.

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