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Finding the Right Live-in Carer: The Story of Mr. Wright and Nick
October 25, 2023

In a world that often moves too fast, where the hustle and bustle can overshadow the small, yet heart-warming stories, it’s essential to pause and recognise the tales that remind us of the profound power of human connection. The story of Mr. Wright and his dedicated Mumby’s Live-in carer, Nick, weaves together compassion, friendship, and an unbreakable bond.

We’ve known Nick since 2017, when he became a part of the Mumby’s family. Originally from Czech Republic, Nick had numerous chances throughout his life to develop his care skills: he worked in the Czech Army Medical Unit, supported both of his parents for over 3 years, and worked in a retirement community centre in the USA for a decade. It wasn’t until 2019, however, that he found himself supporting Mr. Wright, a man in need of a helping hand and a caring heart. From the very beginning, it was evident that Nick and Mr. Wright shared a unique connection, one that slowly flourished into a beautiful friendship.

Nick and Mr Wright

"No two days are the same here. Mr. Wright is very curious, we always have topics to talk about. Mostly history, sport, what's happening in the world, talking about our army time, traveling around the world. Days start with a morning chat about his dreams, remembering his world wide tours with the Rugby team Penguins. Politics and world situation is an every day issue, followed by checking the shares market and having a call with his stock broker."

Mr. Wright, despite facing the challenges of aging, continues to remain actively engaged in his business. His daily meetings, a testament to his dedication and passion, require a reliable companion who can provide support and assistance when needed. Nick, however, goes above and beyond mere care, extending his services to help Alan organise his paperwork and supports him during his meetings.

"Before he sold his London house, we used to go there twice a week for meetings. Now his meetings with associates, lawyers, accountants are in his Henley house. We prepare properly his files and get ready for meetings. He is very much involved in business, keeps in touch with others, and enjoys talking about old times. If there is no meeting, we go to the conservatory or if the weather is good, in the yard, where he plays with the dogs. He usually asks me to find some good tunes on YouTube. We sometimes make a BBQ together, if it's nice outside, take some rest, and go for afternoon walks."

One of the most touching aspects of their relationship is Nick’s commitment to nourishing both his client’s body and soul. As a caregiver, he not only takes care of Alan’s personal needs and assists with mobility but also regularly embraces the role of chef, preparing delicious and nutritious meals.  

Client swimming

For Mr. Wright, staying physically active is not just a routine but a lifeline to health and happiness. Swimming has always been his passion, and Nick recognises the importance of this activity in Alan’s life. He ensures that he gets to the swimming pool regularly, providing the essential support needed to keep this cherished pastime alive.

Good news. We had exercise again in the pool. We don’t get to do it so often, as his age is showing up, but he can still do it! For sure it’s working on his confidence. He feels good about himself.” – Nick

Their companionship extends to leisure activities as well. Nick and Mr. Wright share moments of daily life, reading newspapers together to stay informed about the world’s happenings. They also bond over their love for sports, especially when it comes to cricket and boxing. Watching these sports events together becomes more than just a pastime; it’s a shared experience that deepens their connection.

“My wife and I are very pleased that Nick lives in and keeps a good and careful watch on my health and physical movement, bearing in mind I had an accident and broke my hip some four and a half years ago. I have pleasure in recording that Nick carries out his duties in a very helpful, pleasant and prudent manner at all times. Indeed, we are on excellent and friendly terms.”

Carer and client

Days out with Mr. Wright’s family have become a regular occurrence thanks to Nick’s support and encouragement.  Nick ensures that Alan remains an integral part of all the cherished family moments and accompanies him to family gatherings. His presence has not only strengthened the bond between Alan and his family but has also allowed him to remain an active participant in their lives.

“We had days out for coffee and lunch, went with the family and friends to the garden center, we had a meeting with Mr. Wright’s friends. We had a snack, lunch and tea, with piano performances from one of them. We had a very good time, singing old musical melodies (Guys and dolls, Gershwin music, Sinatra songs). Mr. Wright remembered many lyrics and was very happy to be together with us,”

Mr. Wright and Nick’s story is a testament to the fact that caregiving is not just a profession; it’s an art of the heart. The bond they share is a reminder of the profound impact that compassionate and dedicated caregivers can have on the lives of those they serve. Nick’s unwavering support and friendship have enriched Mr. Wright’s life immeasurably, proving that genuine care transcends the boundaries of duty.