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Five benefits of live-in care for Dementia patients
July 10, 2023

Most people living with dementia will, at some time, need specialist care. When a person living with dementia is no longer able to look after themselves, many people believe they will have to go into a care home. However, live in care for dementia patients is an often overlooked but often preferable alternative.

Here are some of the advantages of live in care for dementia patients.

1. One to one care

When you choose live in care for a loved one living with dementia you can be reassured that they will receive one-to-one care around the clock. At Mumby’s, we recruit specialist carers based on their patience and compassion, then train them in caring for people with dementia.

We understand that the needs of people living with dementia can be very complex. When you choose a live in carer, they will have the time to support your loved one properly. Many tasks, such as eating and drinking can take a lot of time. Our carers will be with your loved one for as long as it takes and will not be called away to assist someone else. Their carer will become a familiar, trustworthy and helpful face.

2. Specialist care

Our staff receive an initial five-day training induction as well as continual professional training including relevant NVQs and diplomas in care.

Our dementia care training is led by Trevor Mumby who is a specialist in dementia care. He is the author of several books on dementia care and a trainer for multiple care agencies. Trevor will also visit each client’s home and provide tailored guidance for the carer and family.

Our carers understand that people living with dementia can become fearful, angry or even aggressive because they do not always understand what is happening to them. Our carers understand this and have the patience and compassion to stay calm and reassure those living with dementia to help them feel safe and happy once more.

3. Stay in their own home

Moving home is stressful for anyone, but it can be particularly traumatic for people living with dementia. When you choose live in care, your loved one will be able to stay in their familiar home and continue with routines that help them feel secure. They will also have a very small group of staff looking after them which means they will not have to cope with new and strange faces on a regular basis. At Mumby’s, we match our staff carefully with clients so that a good relationship can develop. We aim to ensure that your live in carer becomes a valued member of the family who you can turn to for support and friendship.

4. Flexibility

In a care home, by necessity, there is a daily routine and limited options for independence. Choosing live in care for your loved one gives them more freedom to live life the way they choose. In a care home, there are set times for mealtimes and bedtimes which may not suit some people living with dementia. Also, there is a range of foods to choose from, but food cannot usually be made to your loved one’s specific tastes and requirements. Activities are limited and at set times whereas a home carer can be more flexible in supporting your loved one in activities they choose when they want.

5. Adaptive care

When you choose live in care you will be assigned a care manager to ensure that everything runs smoothly for your loved one. The care manager will liaise with the carer so that they are informed of any changes in your loved one’s needs. Your care manager will always be on hand if you have any concerns or questions, too. This means that your loved one’s health and wellbeing will be monitored constantly, and it will be easy to adapt care to their changing needs.

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