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How to arrange live-in care in the UK
July 4, 2023

At Mumby’s, we know that transitioning to live-in care is a big step. This is why we have used our years of experience to develop a system to ensure that you get the very best live-in care in the UK right from the start. We work with you so that, together, we can ensure you, or your loved one, get the right level of support. We also work hard to find the right carer so they will become part of the family.

6 steps Mumby’s take to ensure you get the best possible live-in care in the UK

Step 1- Arrange an in-depth assessment of your needs

At Mumby’s, we understand that you and your loved one are experts in your care needs. That’s why we start with a friendly discussion to find out your needs and preferences.

Once we have an idea of what you want from live-in care, our expert staff will arrange a free, no-obligation assessment of your needs. We take into consideration your health and care needs, as well as personal preferences, personality and lifestyle to ensure we provide the right care for your loved one.

Step 2 – Create a care plan

We can then work with you to develop a care plan that meets these needs and preferences. This care plan will provide just the right amount of support to ensure your loved one continues to live as they choose, following their own routines and lifestyle. We use the care plan to guide our carers and other healthcare professionals to provide expertly tailored care. The care plan is regularly reviewed to adapt to any change in circumstances.

At Mumby’s, we specialise in providing care for a range of needs including dementiaParkinson’sMultiple Sclerosis, stroke care, cancer care or end-of-life care. As well as having our own highly trained caring staff, we work with other healthcare professionals to ensure seamless care for your loved one.

Step 3- Find the perfect carers

All our carers are carefully chosen and fully trained to ensure they have the right professional skills. However, we also take care to choose carers with good personal skills such as compassion, respect and a sense of humour. We then take the time to match our carers and cared for, to allow a great relationship to develop. Our care team look at your loved one’s care needs, values, pastimes and outlook on life and the experience, personality and interests of our carers to closely match them together. You will then receive profiles of our best-matching carers for you to make the final choice upon.

With the right carers in place, you can relax knowing that your loved one’s health and emotional needs are being met and that they are safe, secure and happy.

Step 4 – Provide the best possible team

Each client will have their own main carer and a support carer for when the main carer needs time off. We aim for your loved one to enjoy continuity of care. Your loved one will also be allocated a care manager, who will liaise with the carers to ensure everything runs smoothly. The care manager will be made aware of any changing needs or circumstances so that we can respond appropriately. Your allocated care manager will also be available to answer any of your questions or concerns.

We have a bank of carers trained to our high standards. We can cover any periods such as sickness and holidays with a suitable alternative carer. Your loved one is never left without care.

Step 5- Support for the transition to live-in care

Adapting to having someone new living in your home can take time. So we make sure we are on hand to support you through this period. Most people soon adapt and develop a good bond with their carers. Many clients report enjoying life much more with a live-in carer by their side to help them get out and about and socialise. They soon come to depend on the support and companionship provided by a live-in carer.

Step 6 – Provide ongoing support

At Mumby’s, we regularly review each client’s case to ensure that the right level of support continues to be provided. We aim to provide a flexible service. If care needs increase over time we can continue to provide the care needed. We work closely with the cared for and their family to make sure everyone is happy with the situation. We respond quickly to any concerns or changing needs.

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