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Exciting news for Mumby’s Introductory Care Agency Service
March 6, 2024

Mumby’s is excited to be developing its introductory care agency service to meet the differing preferences of its diverse client base and carer pool. In this article, we talk to Mumby’s new Head of Operations, Melanie Edmunds, who answers frequently asked questions about introductory care.

An experienced and strong leader to drive Mumby’s introductory care agency

Melanie Edmunds, Head of Operations, Mumby's Introductory Care AgencyWe’re thrilled to announce that Melanie Edmunds has joined our team as the Head of Operations for Mumby’s introductory care agency service.

Melanie brings a wealth of experience and expertise in care, combined with a passion for excellence. With 15 years of experience working within the introductory sector, she has the knowledge and aptitude to lead and shape this service that introduces self-employed carers to clients and ensures a successful pairing between both.

Melanie says, “I am excited to join Mumby’s in providing an outstanding care service for our clients. The introductory care service offers clients an alternative to managed care. It appeals to clients who want flexibility, autonomy, and a lower price. Mumby’s is comparatively unique in offering both managed and introductory care. We feel it is important to give our clients the choice of care service as we empower choice in all of our care provision.”

What is an introductory care agency?

An introductory care agency is a matchmaking or recruitment service.

Mumby’s has a pool of carers for clients to choose from. Their expert team listens to both client and carer requirements. They hand-select profiles they think are the best matches, the client then chooses the carer they would like to engage, and personal introductions are arranged. Mumby’s keeps in touch to ensure relationships flourish and introduce replacement or substitute carers as required on an ongoing basis.

How does introductory care work?

There are four main steps in arranging introductory care:

  1. Listen – In the first instance, Mumby’s listens to their client’s care needs and preferences. It is all about being able to offer a bespoke service. They also perform in-depth interviews with potential carers to understand their experience, qualifications, and preferences whilst performing ID, criminal records, and training checks as well as obtaining three references.
  2. Find – From a pool of live-in carers, Mumby’s finds matched carers who meet their client’s care needs with the necessary care qualifications, skills, and experience and whose preferences and personality fit with the client such as common interests and beliefs.
  3. Choose – Mumby’s introduces carers to clients and their families, sending carer profiles to choose from and arranging online meetings with their preferred carer choice or choices. Clients and carers can see how they get on with each other and get to know one another better.
  4. Hire – The client hires an insured and vetted live-in carer or carers on rotation. Mumby’s keeps in touch to ensure the client is happy, to arrange for carers to give the main carer a break, introduce another carer on rotation, and ensure relationships are harmonious. If the clients and carers don’t gel or care needs change, we can introduce new carers to choose from.

Is there a minimum term for introductory care?

The minimum term for our introductory care service is one week. This accommodates clients who want respite care as well as those who only need short-term care.

What are the costs?

Cost of live-in careWe are fully transparent when it comes to clients understanding the costs of introductory live-in care.

Unlike some introduction care agencies, we do not ask for a registration fee.

Typically for live-in care, the ballpark cost is between £1100 and £1300 per week. Client costs cover the carer’s salary and a recruitment agency fee.

Costs vary depending on the client’s care needs and the carer’s rates. For clients with greater needs such as those with complex care requirements, the cost is greater. 

The agency fees cover the cost of our rigorous registration process in recruiting carers to choose from, our office staff being on hand to offer support and guidance, and arranging another carer when the chosen carer wants to take a break.

The costs for introductory care compared to our managed care service are less. This is because we do not manage the carer. The client manages the carer and pays them directly.

Why choose introductory care?

Clients choose our introductory care service because it offers:

  • a lower-price live-in care option compared to the fully managed service.
  • autonomy and choice that allows clients and their families to be in control of the level of care, how the care is provided, carer breaks, and paying for their carers. Some clients choose two or three carers on 4 weeks on and 4 weeks off rotation, whilst others may have one main carer who works ten to twelve weeks and then has a week off with a new carer stepping in to cover.
  • informal and flexible care with the carer working with the family and client. For example, house suitability assessments are not needed if a self-employed carer goes on holiday with their client. Young clients, such as those with MS, acquired brain injury, and cerebral palsy often enjoy more informal care with the carer supporting them to optimally live their lives with friends in their community.

What’s the difference between our introductory and managed care?

The main differences between these two care models are:

  • Carer employment – carers are self-employed in the introductory care service and employed by Mumby’s with the managed care service.
  • CQC regulation – the introductory care is not regulated by the CQC as Mumby’s is not acting as a provider of care but a matchmaking agency. The client and carer can develop a personalised care plan based on their discussions. Mumby’s managed care service has an outstanding CQC-rating and carers work to a detailed care plan.
  • Insurance – introductory care service carers have self-liability insurance. Managed service carers are covered by Mumby’s insurance.
  • Pay – with introductory, the client pays the carer directly and a weekly service fee to Mumby’s. For the managed service, the client pays Mumby’s for their care and Mumby’s pays the carer.
  • Cover – with introductory care service, relief cover is arranged through Mumby’s. Clients using the managed service automatically have cover provided for carer holidays, sickness, and time off.

Can I change carer if I decide that they are not right for me?

Inevitably, on occasion, client and carer relationships don’t work out. It might be that the carer is experienced and fantastic at their job but their personality is just not quite right for the client. If that’s the case, a client can simply contact Mumby’s who will introduce other potentially well-matched carers.

Clients can opt for fully private care

Some clients decide that their carer introduction is going well and they would like to engage them without any further involvement from Mumby’s. If this is the case, and the carer is happy to be engaged on a fully private basis, then clients can pay a one-off ‘finders fee’ to Mumby’s and their carer becomes a private carer. This may be suitable as a cost-effective option if the client needs long-term care. We are happy to give clients a quote anytime during their contract with us to help in their decision-making.

Why carers want to work for Mumby’s Introductory Care Agency

Being self-employed the carers can set their own rate, we are always happy to help with this and provide guidance. Mumby’s believes that carers deserve to be fairly paid as they work hard to enable clients to stay happy at home.

Carers choose to join our Mumby’s introductory live-in care agency if they prefer the flexibility and autonomy of being self-employed. Our introductory carers can select when and how much they work, the type of care (companionship, dementia care, end of life, post-operative, MS, spinal injury care, etc), and their client and family. They ask for a rate of pay that they feel is fair to charge based on the care demands.

In summary

Mumby’s introductory care agency:

  • offers our live-in care clients choice in their care service.  
  • introduces a well-matched, rigorously checked self-employed live-in carer.
  • is most suited to families who want flexibility, a more hands on approach to managing live-in care, and a lower price.

Get in touch

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