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Live-in care Christmas support for your loved one
December 1, 2020

Christmas can be a magical time of the year when families get together and enjoy the midwinter festivities. But of course, Christmas can also cause additional stress and strain, especially if you have older relatives to care for. Mumby’s live in carers provide practical Christmas support as well as reassurance, companionship, and compassion at this special time of the year. With a Mumby’s live in carer by their side your loved one will certainly not be lonely this Christmas.

Here are just some of the ways a Mumby’s live in carers can support your loved one.

Our live-in carers provide practical Christmas support

Families have a lot on their plate at Christmas, from shopping for presents and the big feast, preparing and decorating the home, keeping little ones entertained, and looking after older relatives. Our live-in carers can take care of the practical side of everyday life and the Christmas planning for your loved one in the relaxed environment of their own home. This leaves you the opportunity to get on with your preparations and enjoy quality time with your family.

Our carers will take care of shopping, picking up prescriptions, and everyday chores so you know that your loved one is well looked after over Christmas. They can also help your loved one buy cards and presents online or at the shops so they enjoy the gift of giving.

Our live-in carers provide companionship

Christmas bakingNo one likes to think of their loved ones being alone at Christmas. While you might do your best to visit often, you may not be able to be with your loved one for the whole festive period. Our live-in carers will be by your loved one’s side throughout the holiday season, helping them enjoy Christmas.

Mumby’s live-in carers provide so much more than practical support. We carefully match your loved one with a carer who shares the same values and interests. Our carers are there to help your loved one enjoy fun and fulfilling activities. Whether your loved one wants to chat and reminisce, play card games and do puzzles, or enjoy a craft or hobby, our carers are there to support them.

When you choose a live-in carer, close family members will be able to visit your loved one regularly. Your carer can also help your loved one with technologies that help them stay in touch with their wider circle of family and friends, too.

Making Christmas joyful and stress-free

Christmas lunch partyChristmas can be stressful for older people for many reasons. They may struggle to join in with activities because of mobility issues, dementia, or hearing or sight loss. Our highly trained live-in carers can help arrange festive activities that your loved one can be a part of, ensuring they have a magical Christmas, too.

At this cold and dark time of year, older people can easily get depressed, malnourished, and cold. Our live-in carers will make sure your loved one’s home stays warm and cosy and will provide healthy, nourishing food as well as Christmas treats. They can also keep an eye on their mood and are trained to provide support for clients who may become depressed or anxious at this time of year.

Providing specialist live-in carers

At Mumby’s, we provide specialist carers for a range of conditions. Christmas can be especially stressful for people living with dementia. Our carers will provide reassuring continuity and arrange activities your loved one can enjoy without feeling overwhelmed.

We can also provide nursing care for those with complex medical needs so that you can enjoy quality time with your loved one, knowing their health requirements have been met.

At Mumby’s, we have helped many families find their perfect live-in carer to support them. We have been fully operational throughout all lockdowns and restrictions, keeping our clients safe and well.

Booking for Christmas

If you are thinking about arranging Christmas support for your loved one, we have outstanding carers ready immediately to live with your loved one to help them enjoy the festive period at home.

If you would like to know more about what a live-in carer can do for your loved one, please contact us on 01865 391187 or email

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