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Live-in Care
For Couples

Compassionate live-in care for couples ensures your parents can enjoy quality time living together in their own home.

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Live-in Care For Couples

If one of your parents needs a higher level of support than the other, then live-in care for couples may be the answer you’re looking for. 

Mumby’s live-in care for couples offers an affordable and cost-effective solution to allow your parents to continue to live together in their home.

Live-in Care For Couples

Often couple care for elderly parents is needed when one partner needs long-term care and support that the other can’t provide. This may be due to one partner:

  • Experiencing the onset of a debilitating illness such as Dementia or Parkinson’s Disease
  • Becoming too frail to continue to care for the other safely or adequately
  • Requiring stroke or Cancer Care

Live-in Care Meets Couple's Needs Better Than Care Homes

You have likely explored the option of care homes for couples. However, very few care homes offer double-bedroom accommodation for couples, especially if one partner has dementia and the thought of your parents having to separate is inconceivable for all of you. Recent research suggests that the care home model is broken and live-in care is a safer, healthier, and happier solution for your parents’ care needs.

Mumby’s outstanding live-in care for couples allows your elderly parents to receive the care they both need whilst staying together in the comfort and familiarity of their home. They can remain independent and continue their daily lives as normal. Additionally, the cost of a couple’s homecare is much more affordable than you might think.

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Benefits of Live-in Care for Couples

Both stay in their own home

Both remain together

A calm and familiar environment with minimal upheaval

Continue to live independently and enjoy hobbies, activities and routines together without the wrench of being separated

Quality time to enjoy together without worrying about or being tired from each other’s care needs

One-to-one support from a fully-trained caring professional

Household tasks are taken care of

Flexible and tailored care and support to the couple’s needs and requirements

Keep their much-loved pets

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