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Mumby’s Homecare shortlisted for Innovation in Care at Care Hero Awards

Here at Mumby’s Homecare, we are delighted to be shortlisted for the Innovation in Care at the Care Heroes Awards that honours innovations and recognises creative thinking by individuals or teams which helped ensure that service users continued to receive outstanding care during the pandemic.

ann, trevor and joel mumby - the directors
The Mumby’s Directors, Ann, Trevor and Joel Mumby

Mumby’s team are always looking for new innovative ways of working to improve the outstanding live-in care they provide to all of their clients, as well as helping and offering the highest level of support to their carers to achieve this.

During the pandemic, Mumby’s Homecare Support launched two innovative ways of working to address new homecare needs and provide a safer way of working:

•             The prepaid Carercard

•             Feebris AI tool for early diagnosis of vulnerable patients.

The Carercard

Carercard is a prepaid card to allow carers to shop for cared ones with ease, and manage the household expenses without exchanging cash between carers, families and retail outlets. Both the carer and the family have the ability to view the card’s balance and spend online at any time.

Having a Carercard provides peace of mind, spend control and security of money handling in the home for the family. It makes the carer’s life easier as they can shop for the household across all retail stores and manage the budget online.

During Covid 19 there has been a shift to instore card payment and an increase in online shopping. Both of these are addressed using the Carercard making shopping simple, transparent and safer.

Head of Commercial, Joel Mumby said: “Mumby’s recognised that best practice for payment of groceries is required during the pandemic to keep both the carer and the client as safe as possible. We have supported Carercard for the pandemic benefits it offers as well as its general household money management advantages. It is available to our clients who wish to take part in the service, as part of the outstanding care package we provide.”

Peter Hayes, Co-founder of Carercard said: “We were pleased to meet with Mumby’s before we created Carercard and we ensured Mumby’s was our first care provider signed up as soon as we completed a successful technical trial. The early uptake shows there is a need and good usage, particularly during Covid 19 and that Mumby’s were right to be keen to deploy this innovation and make payments easier and safer for both their clients and their carer community.”

The Feebris AI platform

The Feebris AI platform connects a range of point-of-care devices, such as digital stethoscopes, heart monitors and wearables, and collates this clinical data by way of an easy-to-use app. It provides a 360 view of the client’s condition with actionable diagnostic outputs so the carer can provide the right tailored care to their client.

This means that carers can identify health risks and any deterioration of their clients. It can assist the carer to triage the client’s day-to-day health needs and employ the capabilities of remote clinicians. With the ongoing crisis, the Feebris platform minimises exposure to potential infection outside the home for clients whilst providing a proactive approach to their health and care management.

Marta, Mumby’s Carer said: “Feebris is easy and we have fun too. It’s very helpful if somebody is at high risk of a stroke or heart attack. When they are feeling unwell you can check their health so quickly and precisely. I would like to have something like this for my parents in Poland.”

How Feebris works to assist health care.

Joel Mumby said: “We welcome new technologies that offer a proactive approach to providing safe and quality care for our clients during the pandemic. The Feebris app allows our care staff to go the extra mile and monitor the health of their cared=for client. It negates the need for unnecessary GP visits and potential infection exposure whilst offering peace of mind that a client’s health is monitored and if needed the right help can be arranged and whenever possible is delivered safely online or remotely.”   

If you would like to find out more about these innovative ways of providing outstanding and personal care for our cared-for clients or you’d like more information about the live-in care we offer, please contact us, speak to a member of our friendly team today on freephone 0800 505 3511 or email