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Meet Mumby’s Outstanding Carers – Bill Coles
September 25, 2022

During the Good Care Month, we’ve heard wonderful stories from our outstanding team members, which helped us understand even better what makes our carers love their jobs.

We have noticed that a high number of them chose this career path at relatively young ages (30-40 years old), either after obtaining a nursing diploma or after caring for a vulnerable relative. However, in our team we have surprising exceptions, as well, and one of the best examples is Francis (Bill) Coles.

Why did Bill become a carer with Mumby’s?

Bill joined Mumby’s in his sixties, over a decade ago. When he applied for a support worker position, he had no experience in the field. In fact, most of his jobs were in the auto sector. However, his caring nature, coupled with his positive attitude and eagerness to learn, made him a wonderful carer.

In his own words, Bill describes himself as “passionate about caring for others, dedicated, committed to the support given, with a friendly approach and the ability in ensuring clients are at ease, regardless of their physical or social needs. My approach to clients is to encourage and promote being as independent as they possibly can, depending on their total needs, to make their lives more enjoyable by working together.”

13 years ago, when asked what motivated him to follow this new career path, Bill mentioned he had started learning with his wife, who was then studying to become qualified in Mental Health Nursing, and felt he was “able to settle into the area of looking after the wellbeing of the others”.

During induction, he started the training process from zero, but was able to learn very fast and to provide a high standard of care to every client he supported.

The transition to an outstanding care industry

We recently asked him again what made him choose to become a carer.

“Joining the arena of care support some 13 years ago seemed a logical move after retiring, having spent five decades in the After Sales sector of the Motor Industry. During my career, my focus was always to draw out the best of my subordinates and associates, stretching across 7 countries at all levels of management. Living, working,, and sharing experiences within different cultures, religion, and ethnic populations has served as the ideal platform in which to extend my desire to help and support others, particularly the elderly, and being part of their families, with emphasize being “do unto others as you would wish on yourself” – whatever the situation or circumstances are. The experience of sharing and caring for others these past 13 years has been the difference I have made in vulnerable clients with as much passion as I had in my Motor Industry career.  “

As a Mumby’s Carer, Bill studied for and obtained his Care Certificate in 2018, and has been on track with his training constantly. For us, he is a true example of determination, positive attitude, and proactiveness, proving that if there is a will, there is a way, no matter how big of a challenge changing your career path might be.

If you are interested in joining our team of Outstanding carers, please check the job openings on our website.