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Mental Health

Understanding and compassionate caring staff comfortably and privately support adults with mental illness at home.

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CQC 'Outstanding' rating

Outstanding Live-in Care for Adults with Mental Health

Mental illness can vary in severity and manifest in different ways. Living with a mental health issue can have a significant impact on a sufferer’s daily life.

Mumby’s mental health live-in care ensures full emotional and practical support throughout the good and bad days in the familiarity of your loved one’s own home. Our professional cares are on hand to help with mental health homecare and support daily tasks that may have become difficult for them and offer emotional encouragement and companionship.

Live-in Care For Mental Health

Mental health covers a broad and complex range of illnesses including depression, anxiety, panic disorder and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). It is common for mental illness to happen in people with other health problems such as dementia and cancer. Symptoms can include withdrawing from people and social situations, low mood and mood swings, interfering thoughts, personal hygiene neglect and sleep disruption.

Our highly trained carers are understanding and compassionate of the challenges that mental health problems can bring. Having a cosistent one to one carer offers valuable emotional support for your loved one. Often people with mental illness find daily life difficult. They may struggle to simply get out of bed in the morning, bcome reclusive, fail to care for their hygiene and appearance, have difficulties managing medication, coping with money and paying bills, preparing nutritious meals, and keeping to doctor appointments. Having a supportive and empathetic live-in carer living with your loved one can help face these challenges without them feeling overwhelmed or helpless. Our carers can provide a nutritious meal to aid their mental health and a sensitive reminder of personal hygiene. They can also provide peace of mind for the family that their loved one is safe and supported in their own home.

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Benefits of Mental Health Care

One to one carer builds confidence, trust and hope

Prevents further decline in mental health

Symptoms of mental health are better managed in a supportive environment

A live-in carer will get to know your loved one well and will be able to monitor and changes to their mental state

Practical and personal help and encouragement to help resolve, cope or deal with problems such as self-care, living skills, re-engagement with friends and family

Emotional support to relieve anxiety

Chores taken care of so your loved one doesn’t feel overwhelmed

Respite Care for Family Carers who provide Mental Health Care

We understand that caring for someone who has a mental illness can be challenging and exhausting, and you need some time to look after yourself.

We offer short-term, round the clock mental health respite live-in care to allow the primary carer to have some much-needed rest and time to themselves.

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