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Mumby’s Carer Leaders in Care Award Finalist
July 3, 2023

Mumby’s Live-in Carer, Danuta, is a shortlisted Finalist for Frontline Carer of the Year in the 2021 Leaders in Care Awards

We are so pleased that Danuta’s (Dani) is one of the Finalists in the Frontline Carer of the Year in the 2021 Leaders in Care Awards. Dani’s long service in the care sector demonstrates her loyalty and commitment to quality care. She is a truly exceptional, reliable and patient carer who is a testament to the very best in caregiving.

Leaders in Care – a prestigious award

The  Leaders In Care Awards are prestigious awards and dedicated to unsung heroes. Those who have gone above and beyond to ensure the safety and wellbeing of their clients over the past 12 months.

Recognition for Dani’s dedication to her client’s wellbeing

Dani’s ongoing dedication to the emotional, psychological and physical care for her long-term client of 11 years, Simon, led to her recognition in this category. This is an unusually long-term placement. It means that Simon, who has MS, benefits from continuity of care. Equally important is Dani’s holistic understanding of his care needs.

Simon’s mum says: “Dani allows Simon to stay in his home. She is a lovely carer and knows him so well. We appreciate this as his parents.”

Mumby’s Director, Ann Mumby says: “Simon’s family refer to them like a married couple with a unique but professional relationship. Dani makes Simon feel equal. She has demonstrated great empathy to Simon with his changing care needs of secondary progressive MS. Dani has seamlessly made adjustments to her caring role to promote Simon’s wellbeing during the pandemic. It’s great to see her dedication recognised in the Leaders in Care Awards.”

Supporting independence at home

Simon wants to remain independent at home. Initially, he resisted mobility equipment due to not wanting his home to be like a hospital. Dani sensitively helped him to mentally adjust to new aids by discussing at length how the equipment would facilitate his independence.

Simon’s lease car is due to be returned soon. Dani has fully researched a new car to suit Simon’s care needs. His new car is specifically tailored and supports his disability. It has a ramp to allow easy access in his wheelchair.

Adjustments due to the pandemic

Over the course of the pandemic, Simon’s confidence and decision-making ability diminished. Dani recognises the impact on Simon’s mental health has offered emotional and psychological guidance whilst looking for new ways of supporting him through this difficult time. For example, she has helped him use a click and collect service for his shopping, sourced comedies for Simon to enjoy, and has taken on the role of managing house affairs, including maintenance.

Dani says: “When I heard about the nomination I was very surprised and a bit shy about it. I never expected a special award for doing my job. Every day I try to do my best and have my client as a priority.

I always consider how I would feel in my client’s situation and I give them the level of care I would be happy to receive. I also make sure my training is up to date so I can do my work correctly.

It is very overwhelming and lovely to know that my approach to home caring and my extensive experience and service have been noticed and appreciated.”

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