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Oxfordshire Live In Care: What Are The Benefits?
July 4, 2023
Joel Mumby

We at Mumby’s believe live in care in Oxfordshire can provide a far higher quality of care than a care home. This is due to the unique companionship a live in carer can offer. We believe live in care benefits not just our clients, but also family members who worry about their loved ones. After 20 years of working in nursing and care home agencies, Ann Mumby knows first-hand the benefits your loved one can experience. 

Companionship And Friendship

As we get older, social isolation can be a problem; if we live far from family, friends or struggle to meet new people, it can lead to anxiety and depression. A live-in carer means having a friend to watch a favourite TV show with, or share a cup of tea. Sometimes it’s the simplest things that mean the most and can help maintain a positive mindset.

 Personalised Care

Our Oxfordshire live-in carers are matched perfectly to ensure a personalised service but also a life-long relationship. This level of detailed care benefits individuals who might have additional health needs, but also those who wish to continue to lead a busy social life. By taking time to match our carer to your loved one, our carer can meet your loved one’s individual needs, so they can continue to lead a fulfilled life in the way that they want.

 Independence And Freedom

No matter what your age, we all need to feel independent. With mobility and health declining it’s even more essential to continue to feel in control of your life. By having an in-home carer to help with the day to day tasks such as cleaning or getting dressed – your loved one can continue to live their life with a sense of freedom. Our carers can assist with medication, toileting and personal care. We also offer specialist care for dementia and Alzheimer patients, which can be a comfort for families across Oxfordshire.

Our Furry Friends

We are a nation of self-proclaimed pet lovers, and the companionship a family cat or dog provides is immeasurable. The inability to care for a pet in later life can cause frustration or worse, having to give up a pet can be devastating. However, by having in-home care, your loved one can continue to enjoy their pet’s company without concern, and you are assured of their happiness. It’s the little things like this that make in-home care the best choice.


One of the main reasons for choosing live in care is the knowledge that there is help on hand 24/7. Mumby’s is the one of the few live in care providers that also offers an out-of-hours telephone service should you ever have a concern or emergency.

 Get In Touch

Mumby’s has been operating as a live in care agency in Oxfordshire since 2002. We will continue to provide high-quality in-home care because we believe it’s the best alternative to a care home. Our knowledge and expertise mean we know what you need and how live in care benefits you. We can also offer it with a level of detail and care only those who have worked in care sector for so long can understand. Get in touch today to see how we can help you.