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Post-Operative Care at Home
May 15, 2020

Outstanding post operative care at home

To help your loved one recover as quickly as possible

If your loved one is in hospital or going in for an operation, you might want to consider how best to help them recover after their surgery.

Post operative care at home allows your loved one to recover in the familiar and comfortable surroundings of their home whilst receiving support with day today tasks and the specialist healthcare they need.

We care for lots of post-operative patients who have had operations including hip or knee surgery, cataract and other eye surgeries, hernia repair surgery and cancer surgery and treatment.

What is post operative care at home?

Post-operative home care is specialist care tailored to meet the needs of patients coming home from the hospital after surgery. The type and level of post-op home care required will vary by patient and their condition.

Patients returning home after an operation can be quite anxious about managing their daily routine and post-operative needs. A post-operative home carer can provide them with all the support and care they need during their convalescence and recovery, so they feel secure and comfortable and can get back to a normal level of independence and well-being as soon as possible.

live-in care service can help with medication, pain control and dressing changes, general support with personal care and household chores and emotional care and companionship.

Why is post operative care at home needed?

With post operative care at home arranged, your loved one may be discharged sooner from the hospital so that they can recover in the comfort of their own home.

Your loved one may have limited mobility or sight after their operation. Post operative live in care provides a constant companion to ensure the safety of your loved one, reduce their risk of a fall and help them stand and move around.

They might feel more tired than usual as their body is putting energy into recovering. A live-in carer can help with the household tasks such as shopping, general cleaning, laundry, and preparing meals so that your loved one can concentrate on their recovery.

A live-in carer can help with personal care such as bathing, showering and dressing. These tasks can be difficult in the first days or weeks following surgery.

What Mumby’s carers do to support your loved one after surgery

Our specialist carers are trained to provide all the necessary health care and support required after surgery. They will work with medical professionals to create an individual support plan for your loved one to ensure they are kept comfortable and recover quickly.

This plan will include measures such as:

  • Keeping in close contact with hospital discharge teams, GP’s and other health professionals
  • Dressing wounds and preventing infection
  • Administering medication and providing pain relief
  • Taking care of personal issues such as bathing, toileting and/or catheter and colostomy bag maintenance
  • Post-operative recovery support and appropriate exercise and movement
  • Following medical and lifestyle advice to help the patient recover quickly

In addition to providing health care, our carers will take care of everything required to support your loved one, including providing nutritious meals and taking care of chores.

Of course, emotional support and companionship are equally crucial in ensuring your loved one feels comfortable and recovers quickly. Our carers are always on hand to provide emotional support and friendship. To facilitate this, we match our clients carefully with a suitable carer to ensure that a genuine relationship can develop based on compatible personalities and shared values.

With our planning and support, your loved one can relax knowing that everything is being taken care of. This will help their recovery as well as ensuring they can enjoy time with their family and friends.

We will do everything possible to ensure your loved one recovers quickly and can resume their normal daily life.

Why choose Mumby’s post operative care at home?

  • Rated outstanding by CQC.
  • Live-in care specialists
  • 100% recommended – 100% of client’s reviews say they are extremely likely to recommend us.
  • First-rate professional care training
  • High-calibre, trustworthy and fully checked carer staff
  • Carefully matched carers and clients for bespoke and personal care
  • Family-run so we ‘put people first’
  • Fully managed care with a dedicated Care Manager, 24/7 support and a rapid response team for complete peace of mind.

Cost of post operative care at home

We will confirm the weekly cost of live-in care for your loved one once we have conducted a free, without obligation and thorough assessment of their care needs.

At Mumby’s, we treat our clients as part of our extended family so that they get so much more than a care package.

What types of care are available?

Our post-operative support care will be tailored to your loved one’s individual circumstances and provide the exact level of support they require.

You can arrange care in advance of your loved one’s surgery, so everything is in place when they need it.

Our specialist support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Emergency support

We understand that it is sometimes difficult to know when you may need our support as situations can change fast. You also may not get much notice of your loved one’s discharge from hospital.

If you need emergency post-operative care, please contact us so we can fast track your enquiry.

Further information

Of course, it is worrying and stressful when a loved one needs an operation, and you may be concerned about what to do to ensure they receive the right care and support.

If you have any concerns, contact us to speak to one of our friendly team members. They will explain all aspects of post-operative care and outline what we at Mumby’s can offer. You can call us free on 0800 505 3511 to find out more.