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Safe with homecare – Live-in care during coronavirus
July 4, 2023

All of us with older relatives have been concerned about their health and wellbeing during the coronavirus pandemic. Lots of people with older relatives in care homes have been concerned that their loved ones may contract the virus. Also, many people have been unable to visit their relatives during this time. This has added to the sense of helplessness. If this is the case for you, you may be considering keeping your loved one safe with homecare during the continuing coronavirus pandemic.

Is live-in homecare a safer option during the pandemic?

Public Health England recently undertook a pilot project looking at the prevalence of COVID-19 among domiciliary care workers. They found that:

“The prevalence of COVID-19 among active domiciliary care workers is in line with the general population at this time and not a higher prevalence as observed in studies of front-line healthcare workers and care home staff observed earlier in the epidemic.”

This report has certainly supported our own experience here at Mumby’s Live-in Care.

We have zero clients or carers with Covid 19.

What makes live-in care during coronavirus safer?

One of the main reasons that live in care provides a safer environment for older people is that each client has support from one constant carer, living and working in their home. This limits the number of people who come into contact with your loved one and helps keep them safe.

In addition, homecare staff are fully trained in infection control and have all the necessary PPE. This keeps your loved one shielded in a safe environment while ensuring their everyday needs are fully met.

Whilst keeping your loved one safe with homecare, it can also provide for all your loved one’s requirements including their physical, medical and emotional needs. The security and constant companionship a live-in carer provides is reassuring for everyone concerned. And, if your loved one needs to isolate, they will not have to do this alone.

Our carers keep your loved one safe with homecare by taking care of essential chores such as collecting medication and groceries. By using contactless payments and ensuring rigorous infection control they can ensure all external activity is kept safe.


In addition, with certain safety provisions and when government restrictions allow, your loved one will be able to receive visits from family and friends.

As we move into the second lockdown, our carers can offer live-in companionship and assistance to socialise online. This will help them stay connected and ensure your close relationship with your loved one continues.

The innovations Mumby’s have been taking to keep our clients safe

At Mumby’s, we have taken innovative steps to ensure the safety and well-being of all our clients during Covid 19. We are delighted to be shortlisted for the Innovation in Care Care HeroAward.

Two of these innovations are the prepaid Carercard and The Feebris AI platform.

The Carercard

The Carercard is a prepaid card. It allows carers to buy groceries and essential items, using a contactless payment system, to keep your loved one safe. The carer and the family are available to view the balance of the card online at any time.


Feebris AI tool for early diagnosis of vulnerable patients

The Feebris AI platform is a tool that collects and analyses data on the health of your loved one. This constantly monitors their health and picks up any health problems quickly. It thus reduces the need for routine appointments and interactions with other health professionals helping keep your loved one safe.

The tool connects devices such as digital stethoscopes, heart monitors and wearable health monitors. It then analyses the data received from these devices and shows the information in an easy-to-use app.

The AI tool enables our carers to provide the right care for your loved one. It alerts our carers should additional medical intervention be required.

Our article Mumby’s Homecare shortlisted for Innovation in Care at Care Hero Awards explains these innovations in more depth.

Other benefits of live-in care with Mumby’s

In addition to keeping your loved one safe with homecare during the pandemic, Mumby’s live-in homecare offers many other benefits. These include:

  • Your loved one remains in their own home and enjoys being surrounded by the familiarity of their own possessions.
  • Clients can spend their day as they please. They can continue their daily routine, lifestyle and social activities without having to conform to communal living constraints.
  • Couples can stay together in their own home.
  • Your loved one can continue to live more independently whilst enjoying support as required such as home-cooked nutritious meals.
  • Expert matching of each client with the right live in care worker. Your carer will not only look after your loved one’s care needs but become a dependable and sympathetic companion.
  • 1:1 personal care by our carefully selected and checked live-in carers. We also professionally train our carers to care for our clients with dignity and respect.
  • High-quality care is at the core of our values. We are a family run business and specialise in 24-hour live-in care services.
  • Your loved one will be allocated a dedicated care manager to ensure their care is adapted as needed.
  • Live-in care can support a wide range of conditions including Parkinson’s and dementia. We can also meet the needs of respite care, complex care and end-of-life care.
  • Continue to live with pets without the heartbreak of having to leave them.
  • Support is provided for your loved one and their live-in carer with our phone line in operation 24/7.
  • If your loved one’s care requirements change, we can adapt our care arrangements to meet these new needs.

Can I afford live-in home care for my loved one?

The cost of live in home care can be comparable, and often cheaper, than residential care. You get more value for your money with live-in care that is tailored to your loved one’s individual needs. When providing care for a couple, the financial savings are considerably more.

We offer advice on paying for live-in homecare and what financial support you may be entitled to, without obligation. Contact our friendly team on freephone 0800 505 3511 or email

How Mumby’s Live-in Care can help you and your family

Mumby’s Live-in Care is here to help at this challenging time. We keep your loved ones safe with homecare. We have carers available now to support new clients if you or your loved one needs extra care, assistance or companionship to stay safe and well.

If you are considering live-in care during coronavirus, contact us, speak to one of our team on freephone 0800 505 3511 or email


Public Health England

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