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Seven Benefits of Live in care
July 4, 2023

7 Benefits of Live in Care

There are many benefits of live in care due to the individually personalised nature of this type of care. These include:

1.      Companionship

When you choose live in care, your loved one will never be lonely as there will always be someone around to chat to. At Mumby’s, we choose our live in carers very carefully to ensure they have all the qualities that make a great live in carer. In addition, we match your loved one with a carer who shares a similar outlook to help them build a relationship that adds value to your loved one’s life.

2.      Independence

Having to move to a care home can limit the independence of your loved one. They may not be able to get out and about whenever they want. In contrast, a live in carer allows your loved one to maintain their usual routine of appointments, activities and socialising. A live in carer can provide transport so that your loved one can get out and about whenever they choose.

3.      Maintenance of routines

In a care home, residents have to adapt to the routines of the home, often with set times for meals, outings, activities etc… When you choose live in care, your loved one can carry on with their own routines. They can eat and sleep at times to suit them and enjoy activities whenever they choose. In addition, your loved one can enjoy having a pet, a garden and all the other familiar comforts of home.

4.      Health and wellbeing

A live in carer can provide care tailored to your loved one’s individual needs. They can provide personal care to just the right level to allow your loved one to feel as independent as possible. In addition, they can provide nutritional homecooked meals, exercise and medication to help your family member stay in the best health possible. Live in care has proven to be better for patients than having the disruption of moving from their home into residential care. In addition, staying in familiar surroundings is particularly beneficial for those experiencing dementia, considerably reducing the stress that can be caused by big lifestyle changes.

5.      Chores

Your live in carer can take care of all the household chores necessary so your loved one doesn’t have to worry about them. Your carer will take care of laundry and housework as well as shopping and cooking, involving your family member as little or as much as they choose or need.

6.      Security

One of the biggest benefits of live in care is the security that comes with knowing your loved one has someone close at hand night and day. Knowing that there is someone to help your loved one if there are any emergencies is a comfort and relief and provides much-needed peace of mind. At Mumby’s, we also provide an out of hours telephone service to assist with any emergencies.

7.      Adaptability

Live in care can provide a range of support that can adapt over time. A live in carer can be a great help in providing respite care or recuperation after hospital admission. They can also provide long term care so that your loved one can build up a relationship with someone that knows their particular personality and requirements. The nature of the care can change as required offering more or less support as appropriate. This can help your loved one stay as independent as possible.

Staff are also trained in the care of people with dementia so they can provide the best support possible. If necessary, extra care can be provided from staff trained to look after patients with more serious medical conditions. Mumby’s Live-in Nursing service offers care from trained NHS nurses in your own home.

Many people worry that live in care will be too expensive. However, live in care is comparable with the cost of a residential home. As the benefits are so clear, live in care is well worth considering.

Mumby’s Outstanding Live-in Care

Mumby’s has been operating as a live in care agency in Oxfordshire since 2002. We continue to provide high-quality in-home care because we believe it’s the best care option available. Our knowledge and expertise mean we know what you need and how live in care benefits you and your loved one. We can also offer it with a level of detail and care only those who have worked in care sector for so long can understand. Get in touch today to see how we can help you.

“Everyone wants the best for their loved ones and nothing is too much for this amazing company, they embraced Mum’s care with respect and kindness at all times. I would highly recommend Mumby’s to anyone.”