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Care at Home

Friendly, trained and trustworthy Parkinson’s Care at home you can rely on to keep your loved one independent and safe in their home.

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Live-in Parkinson's Care at Home

We understand that caring for someone with Parkinson’s requires a flexible approach. Symptoms and needs may change throughout the day as well as their progressive nature. Mumby’s Parkinson’s care at home adapts to the changing needs of your loved one whilst allowing them to remain in the comfort of their own home.

Parkinson’s Care at Home offers support with daily living and reduces stress to help control the condition

Our skilled and highly-trained live-in carers provide practical and emotional support that is tailored to your loved one’s needs. They can help to facilitate your loved one’s ability to cope with Parkinson’s disease in the early stages and as it progresses.

As symptoms develop a live-in carer can help with your loved one’s daily living needs. These include assistance with light domestic duties, personal care and grooming, shopping and preparing healthy and nutritious meals, help with reading and mail, support for outings and mobility, and arrangement of medical appointments and medication.

Being able to stay at home is hugely beneficial to people suffering from Parkinson’s. Remaining in familiar surroundings that are close to family and friends reduces stress and helps to control the condition. In addition, keeping independent, enjoying favourite pastimes and making lifestyle choices can make an enormous difference to a Parkinson’s sufferer.

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Benefits of Live-in Dementia Care

A friendly, constant and trustworthy carer

Someone who knows, cares for and befriends your loved one

Flexible support as the disease progresses

Your loved one is more stimulated by living an independent life and this can slow the progression of dementia. Live-in carers can engage in and encourage sensory and physical activities.

1:1 support if your loved one has sleep problems. Carer stimulation in the day can improve their sleep patterns.

Socialising is effortless. Your loved one can enjoy activities together with a live-in carer companion such as gardening, playing games, making crafts and watching television. Friends and family can regularly visit easily as normal and the carer takes your loved one to social activities.

Assistance with daily tasks including shopping and cooking nutritious meals, ensuring medications are taken when they should be, and ironing and cleaning.

Live-in carer keeps a watchful eye on your loved one with less risk of falls. Reassurance for the family who can relax and live their own life.

Respite Care for Family Carers who provide Parkinson’s Care

We understand that caring for someone who has Parkinson’s can be challenging and exhausting and you need some time to look after yourself.

We offer short-term, round the clock Parkinson’s respite live-in care to allow the primary carer to have some much-needed rest and time to themselves.

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