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What is the Cost of Live-in Dementia Care?
July 10, 2023

Dementia Live-in Care: What Are the Costs?

Caring for someone with dementia is often very stressful. Add to that the complications of arranging to fund dementia care and the situation can become overwhelming. This article will help explain your options when choosing care and arranging its funding. It also answers your questions such as ‘Do dementia sufferers have to pay care home fees? and ‘How much are live-in dementia care costs?’

Research shows that most people prefer to be cared for in their homes when they are older. Yet often people don’t realise this is a realistic option and one that comes with many benefits. A live-in carer often costs less than paying for residential care. Here are some of the benefits of live-in dementia care.

The benefits of live-in dementia care

elderly couple careLive-in care has many benefits for people living with dementia. Moving into a care home can be very stressful for people with dementia. Being in unfamiliar surroundings and receiving care from different people can be extremely unsettling. By choosing live-in care, your loved one can stay in their own home, surrounded by familiar possessions whilst maintaining their same routines, which can be hugely beneficial. Also, with live-in care, your loved one will be supported by a primary carer who lives with them and a very small team who they will get to know well.

These are just a few of the benefits of live-in care, for further info, see our article: Five benefits of live-in care for dementia patients

Paying for Dementia Care

If your loved one has dementia, most of their care needs would likely be classed as social care needs rather than healthcare needs. This means that if they have assets of over £23,250, they will have to pay for their care. If they have assets of over £14,250, the local authority will pay some of their care fees. These thresholds may include the value of their property.

Dementia care home costs – do dementia sufferers have to pay care home fees?

The annual cost of care for someone living with dementia in a residential care or nursing home can be between £40,000 and £80,000. Costs differ according to the care required with dementia care usually being more expensive than standard care. The area of the country you live in can also be a factor, with the cost of residential care being higher in Southeast England.

When a person goes into long-term residential or nursing home care, their property will normally have to be sold and the proceeds put towards the fees.

Cost of live-in dementia care

The cost of live-in dementia care is usually similar to or lower than the cost of residential care. Mumby’s fully managed live-in care costs start from £1375 per week for a single person.  Live-in care is especially cost-effective for couples. If more than one person needs care, a live-in carer will not cost as much as two residential home places.

In addition, when you choose live-in dementia care, the value of your home will be disregarded in assessing your eligibility for financial help from the local authority. You will not need to sell your home to pay for care and will be able to keep this valuable asset.

Considering the many benefits of live-in care, including one-to-one, round-the-clock support from a trained professional, live-in dementia care offers a cost-effective and highly beneficial solution to care needs.

However, when calculating the cost of care, you should bear in mind that when a person stays in their own home, they will still need to pay for living costs. This will include costs such as bills and food as well as maintaining their home. The flip side is that they keep the appreciating asset of their home.

Funding care – help with dementia care costs

Working out how to fund care for someone with dementia can be confusing. However, you can take some simple steps to ensure your loved one receives the care they need.

If you are caring for someone with dementia you should arrange a free assessment from the social services department of the local authority. This will help to identify what care your loved one needs. You can then request a means test if you believe your loved one might be eligible for financial assistance and has assets of less than £23,250.

Your loved one may also be entitled to certain benefits. You should make sure they are receiving attendance allowance as this is not means-tested. This will give them a weekly amount of between £68.10 and £101.75, depending on their needs.

You can find further advice on funding care on the NHS website

Arranging live-in dementia care

If you decide that live-in care is right for your loved one, then the provider you choose will be able to provide a free assessment of your loved one’s needs and advise on costs and funding.

Mumby’s are here to help

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