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What’s it really like at Mumby’s?
July 10, 2023

Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes here at Mumby’s? What are the carers like? do they enjoy what they do? and what is it that earned Mumby’s a nomination for employer of the year!

So, we spoke to one of our carers, Rhoda, and asked her to share her thoughts. Read on to discover what her secret is to being a great live-in carer and what makes Mumby’s different from other live in homecare providers.

Why did you become a live-in carer?

I love looking after people who need help. People who are vulnerable. I suppose you could say it’s because I’m a carer at heart and I love doing it. It such a rewarding job, and I feel happy when people’s needs are being met, and my services have been appreciated.

How did you hear about Mumby’s?

When I needed a job, I did a search online, and Mumby’s was the first to come up. To be honest, I really loved the name so decided to apply. That was it! When I applied, they were quick to answer me and offered me training straight away. That made them stand out.

What do you like about working with Mumby’s?

The management is so supportive and helpful. They always provide training for their staff, and that in turn helps me to improve my skills. They always want what’s best for you and go the extra mile, like flowers for my birthday. Oh, and, they always have work for me – you can’t stay without work.

What do you wish people knew about home care?

I wish people knew how rewarding it is for us carers to look after vulnerable people. How satisfying and wonderful it feels when clients appreciate what you have done to help them. Things that they couldn’t do themselves. Things we take for granted like having a shower or going food shopping. Even doing your own hair.

It’s more than just a job for us, you make friends too. There was this lady I looked after for four years. She loved life, she enjoyed music by Bob Marley, and we used to go to the cinema together. She loved it and so did I. Unfortunately, she passed away. She was my favourite client/patient, and I still miss her every day.

What’s the secret to providing the best care?

Good carers, like the ones I work with at Mumby’s, get to know who we are caring for. If we do that, the experience is easy for the client and for us. Caring is more than just helping someone with their daily activities. It’s about understanding what your client’s needs are and respecting them. That’s the most important thing. Only people with a caring heart make good carers, and that’s what we have at Mumby’s.

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Rhoda is one of our many carers at Mumby’s who, through our ongoing training, has gone on to improve the lives and well being of their patients. If you’re interested in becoming a carer with Mumby’s, or you’re considering live-in care for your loved ones you can contact us on 01865 391 187 or follow the this link.