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Winners of the Mental Health and Dementia Care Expertise Award
July 3, 2023

Abingdon-based Mumby’s Live-in Care is delighted to win the Mental Health and Dementia Care Expertise Award at this year’s Home Care Awards. The annual Home Care Awards seek out examples of the expertise of companies providing home care in the UK and praise the teams that are making a difference by looking to raise standards.

With 90% of clients having some form of dementia, Mumby’s Live-in Care are thrilled to receive this accolade. It demonstrates Mumby’s commitment to providing a highly bespoke mental health and dementia care service that holistically improves their client’s quality of life in their own home and delivers the very best family care.

More people living with dementia and mental health

According to Alzheimer’s Research UK, there are estimated to be 944,000 people living with dementia in the UK. This number is expected to grow rapidly in the UK and around the globe. Globally, the number of people living with dementia will increase from 55m in 2020 to 139m in 2050. This highlights the importance of providing outstanding care for people with dementia. Additionally, people living with dementia often have other comorbidities. This means they have complex needs and Mumby’s caring staff can support them with these.

Similarly, mental health problems are a growing public health concern. The Mental Health Foundation reports that one adult in eight (12.1%) receives mental health treatment. And Mind says the number of people with common mental health problems went up by 20% between 1993 to 2014, in both men and women.

Mumby’s specialist dementia and mental health services

Mumby’s offers specialist mental health and dementia services to their clients. They provide first-rate dementia training. Carers care for clients throughout the stages of dementia, from early-stage dementia through to late-stage dementia which can present more challenging situations. All staff are experienced in dementia care. They sensitively care for clients based on their unique personalities, preferences and care needs.

Psychoanalyst and Author Trevor Mumby is a dementia expert

Trevor Mumby is a recognised psychoanalyst and an author of dementia support publications. He delivers a first-class 1:1 dementia training programme for Mumby’s carers on how to live with a client with dementia. This specialist dementia training furnishes Mumby’s carers with a deep understanding of dementia and empowers high-quality care.

Trevor also furnishes company employees with many helpful materials to support their care for dementia patients. They are fully researched, written and published by Trevor. They include the reference book ‘Conducting Well-Being with Dementia in the Family’. Also, a book taking a fresh look at dementia, called ‘Coaching for Carers’. This focuses on twelve mannerisms and has useful exercises for carers to consider and complete.

The latest tool from Trevor was specifically developed with dementia and mental health clients in mind and is called The Smile File. The Smile File is a folder that contains a new method to help people who suffer from feeling depressed. This is a new, revolutionary method. It combines the latest brain discoveries and the billions of mobile phones now in service around the world. It offers an extremely simple method to spontaneously counteract negative and destructive mental thoughts.

Mumby’s carers use The Smile File with their clients as well as for themselves to support their wellbeing. By working through each phase, the carers end up with a tool that is an instant provider of pleasant thoughts and happy memories for clients. They use this file to create joyful conversations with clients about things that provoke a smile and reminisce about the good old times. It is a fantastic tool, particularly for people with dementia.

A personalised service

The live-in care service provided for clients who suffer from dementia is personalised. Mumby’s carers understand that people with dementia can become fearful, angry or even aggressive because they do not always understand what is happening to them. They have the patience and compassion to stay calm and reassure dementia clients to help them feel safe and happy once more.

Nancy Walters, Head of Operations is over the moon

Nancy Walters, Head of Operations says “All of our staff sing from the same song sheet and believe that people with dementia are best cared for at home receiving one-to-one care around the clock from specialist and experienced carers.”

“In the comfort and familiarity of their own home, our carers encourage and support their clients to continue with their routines to help them feel secure and to live life the way they choose which aids their mental health.”

“From the moment of the first assessment, our care managers prepare a detailed care plan for clients and carers to follow. A personally-assigned care manager will oversee the client’s care and ensure everything runs smoothly, liaising with the carer to make any informed changes. The care manager is always on hand to support the carer and client and continuously monitors the client so that care can be adapted to their changing needs.”

“Mumby’s makes every effort to best match carers to the clients to ensure a harmonious relationship can evolve. In this process, they consider the experience and the preferences of the carers and the client’s requirements and preferences.”

Nancy concludes, “We are over the moon to have received the recognition for our dementia and mental health provision for a second time at the Home Care Awards.”